Internationale Plattform für inklusive Bühnenkunst


Dance theater by Fabian Aimar & Günther Grollitsch

inspired by texts by Billy Wilder

“My good legs, my breadwinners… I dance with young and old, with the very young and with women two heads taller than me… with ladies who send the waiter after me” – this is how the young Billy Wilder described his “treadmill” as a “one-dancer” in Berlin’s Hotel Eden in 1927.

As a precarious service provider committed to the hunger for pleasure of the ecstatically vibrating cultural metropolis, he wrote the experience scenarios for “BZ am Mittag”, which choreographer Günther Grollitsch and director Fabian Aimar created in a trio with the almost 80-year-old, globally so active

like the famous pioneer of contemporary dance education Gisela Peters-Rohse for their relevance to the present day.

How did they condition each other back then, the unbridled lust for life, sexual permissiveness and

artistic experimentation on the one hand, the recent war and the renewed threat of

political situation on the other hand? What does it mean to carry your dancing body to market?

To what extent was the historical atmosphere before Hitler’s seizure of power similar to today’s, with the right gaining strength across Europe? Does the growing poverty and violence in inflation-ridden Argentina, Aimar’s country of origin, mirror the situation in Germany?

Scenically and choreographically, DER EINTÄNZER combines Wilder’s descriptions and movement quotations from the social dances of the 1920s and the avant-garde of expressive dance. Light-footedness, bitterness, tragedy and humor meet in a dazzling round dance,

tell of power and desire, turmoil and abyss, glamorous splendor and the beauty of unbounded moments.

Co-produced by steptext dance project, the piece premiered at the Schwankhalle on February 2, 2018.

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